Thursday, January 26, 2017

Boogie Till the Cows Come Home

Hi, everyone.  Here I am after another fairly long hiatus.  So I guess having a smart phone didn't help all that much. Well, it will make it easier as long as I devote some time to this attempt at a home business.  Anyway, I just wanted to say that my Etsy page has listings again, and I will be adding more in a short time.  I updated some prices and shipping charges. I feel the time for cheap offers is past and I am now pricing as I see fit to make a profit,  I will also be coming back here soon with some new project photos and my usual crazy banter.  Hope everyone is doing well so far this year! See you soon!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanks Be to the Boogie Gods

I was sure that I was gone for a year or more, and look... it's only been 3/4 of a year! Gold star for me! Yea, okay, well I have some finished projects, with pictures no less, so this is me making up for the hiatus. I am certain that if I don't find some buyers soon, my entire house will be nothing but totes of FPs (finished projects) and WIPs... I  won't be able to make it to either the kitchen or the bathroom! I just figured out that my blog name is horrendous for what I am trying to accomplish. Google doesn't even register it as a valid result when  I  search the name of it, and its a freaking blog on a google site! Sigh. Okay, rant is done, but someone please get interested  in my life ffs. Here are those pics, anyway.... damn, wth happened to the pic i did of my friends hat. :/ Sigh.

First pic is a gold, sleeveless short tunic with small black band. Just something I put together, I think it looks good and will look great on the right person.

This second one is some more hats. Have I hit anyone's interests yet?

And last, is a halter from the book I  own, "24 hour crochet", that I use  and reference often. 

I will try  and be back soon! Happy holidays!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Raise the Bar Boogie

Sneaking in to say hello, and surprise you all ya'll with a few things! Yes, I am saying ya'll is better than you all.  So there!

ANYWHO..... I have a lot of projects that I am dusting off (uh, not litterally... they stay in plastic while they await their debut) and working on!  I have pictures of some of those I have/have not finished, and some new projects that I spun out in a few days.  Now that I have a smart phone I can deliver more pictures, faster; but, I now realize I need a head to display hats on, and my dress form up to display clothes.  Sigh.  Well, at least we can get you all nearly 100% caught up on what I am crafting... okay, I will admit that 'you all' worked well there.  So, let's see, I think we need a list to show how awesomely accomplished this post is:

4 hats
2 loveys
1 pair socks
1 bag
1 basket
1 stuffed animal
1 sweater

Some in progress, some finished, and STILL not nearly everything I have started.  All the memes are painfully accurate...

OKAY! READY?? PHOTO MONTAGE TIME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? @_@

This is a project from a previous post, for those of you who have maybe been following along.  No longer a WIP for some time, I have yet to put it on Etsy.... I believe it will be up by the end of summer this year.

These two are of a slouchy beanie called "The Hadley" by: Acquanetta Ferguson. The blue one is same style, but it is more of a youth/child size.

On the left we have another child size hat, just a regular small beanie with a super chunky wool that has a run of tinsel through the yarn.  Above is a hat for my other half, which has been posted in this blog before. Thankfully there is some progress to be noted! It is supposed to be Marvin the Martian's helmet.  

This little guy goes waaaay back... I started him somewhere between 2010 and 2012. Whew.  glad to see him finally put together, and hope to see him up for sale! He's made of Caron yarn, so he's super soft! I can't help but think of him as a white elephant gift, but I wound also be super happy to see him purchased for a nursery.

Here is a little easter basket inspiration, above. As usual, too late to be worth posting for the holiday this season.  This is more of a prototype anyway. On the left is a project I originally started for myself, some time ago... around the same time as the white elephant, I believe.  I picked these socks up again a couple months ago, and now I am giving them to my mom for her birthday this week!  That reminds me... I haven't posted the socks I did make for myself earlier this year... well, another time, then.

 These two loveys are WIPS that I believe I have mentioned before.  I had some creative block here and had put them down for a while.  Recently I put the head on the pink/purple one, which will be a bunny, once I find my notes.  I am still trying to decide what animal to do for the blue/green one. I am thinking elephant since my recent completion of the one above.

Last, and probably least for now... the Halloween surprise from a post last year.  Still a WIP, yet showing some progress like the other updates we have here!  Yes, I am very proud! It has been a morphing project, and sadly I am still in a turmoil over where it is going.  When I last posted, I thought I had a clear idea, but I am feeling a different vibe that I can't ignore and want to get it right, so it's on hold.  Still gonna be themed towards a horror movie character... not that hard to tell which, and still in the same basic class as the original idea.  I will be making a doll of the horror character, which is my other set back... need some colors I don't have... and since people want to visit my blog 10x more than they want to buy my stuff, I am stuck. Thanks alot. =P

Really, though. Still super happy that I have so many views. (It's a lot to me)  Don't know if everyone of them is a different person who was trying to look up something about a "boogie" and ended up in this crazy place, or if I actually have a few people that come back to see my progress. Probably just my mom or my aunt... lol.  If my mom, well, now you know what you are getting for your birthday this year! =D

Seriously, though, anyone passing through and actually getting to this point in this post... I would really appreciate a comment about any of the projects above.  And anyone feel free to get in touch with me here or Etsy or Facebook or Ravelry .  Man, I need to update my ravelry... PEACE AND LOVE!!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Um, am I on the other side, yet?


I can tell you, but I am sure you already know, it's a long hard road outta hell. And me, I'm lazy and more of an introvert than I would like to admit.  Life keeps prodding, and I stand there like a hungry cow chewing their cud.  Maybe I 'shoulda' been a writter. Maybe on a shopping binge I shoulda went looking for a different craft that is faster and more manly, like jewelry making. =D What? you use pliers and possibly a soldering iron!

I must say, I looked at my stats, and for my lack of having any consistency, I am proud to say I have had over 700 views.  I think that is what it said...

Okay, well, here is a finished product that I have done nothing with even though I now have a smart phone.  I'll tell you, though, the Etsy Seller App could be a little better. I guess it is more for on the spot selling, which is pretty cool to be able to digitally and personally sell the item at the same time.  Oh, I'm rambling.... here's the pic and a promise to be back soon.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Break-on-Thru Boogie

So, another long hiatus, what's new.... not as long as some, though! Wait, what's new? Well, for starters, this was a PRODUCTIVE hiatus!  I started a Facebook page to try and promote my Etsy shop.  Still no funding for this promotion, but it's a start.  I have 18 items up in the shop right now, and that is an extreme achievement.  The pictures still leave something to be desired, but it's an accomplishment.  ALSO, I have a HOTH child sweater that isn't up for sale yet.  I believe I had posted some photos of it as a WIP...

Wait, there's more!  I have more WIPS than appendages!  I am working on a Mystery Halloween Project that I will post pics of RIGHT NOW! in progress, but I'm not tellin' what it is.  No spoilers from those of you who may know!  Although some guesses would amuse me....

I hope the camera works...ok.  BTW this is inspired in part by an old Lion Brand pattern (LB#40283).  No author is noted on my copy.  However, I believe it will be completely unrecognizable to that project in the end, and definitely will come with more bells and whistles! So, for the most part this is an original work.  

Hot damn, I'm on FIRE!  And yes, the date stamp on the camera is not right and extremely annoying, but who's got time for that?  

Okay, other WIPS.... no pics, but I'll give you some tidbits.  There are two lovey blankets in progress, one is slated to be a pink bunny with an octagon-like shape and 3dc puffs that are in a white, pink, and purple variegated yarn.  I got the inspiration from someones site, but I failed to keep the information and I am coming up empty searching for it again.  I will look more and hopefully I can find it before I post pics or put it up for sale. Anyway, it was the octagon shaped blanket part that I got from their pattern.  Today I started the second lovey that is in a white, blue, and green variegated.  I am using the same puff stitch because I love the way it looks with the variegated yarns. 

However, I wanted it to be different and I wanted to create something fresh so that I can feel like an artist and not a copier machine.  I started with a not so original concept of using the puff stitch and just going back and forth.  Then I decided I wanted to still start in the middle, so I thought I could use the puff stitch in a granny square pattern.  Now, I have a happy accident and faith and confidence in my ability to stumble into a great final product. (Lots of my original ideas are now unfinished scraps...)  So when I went to start the granny square I found that doing 4 3dc puffs and 4 ch-3s was making more of a circle than a square.  I took a gamble and went forward, and even if a million other someone else's has done exactly what I have done, for myself, for a moment, I have created something new.  A circular 3dc puff blanket that will most likely be a lovey if I can come up with something as awesome as my "round-a-bout" discovery! =D  

AND SO IT IS BORN! I will be recording this project as my first original pattern when I am done.  This has been, in past blogs, what I have noted that will truly define me as a crochet artist.  I do have another completely original work that I would like to create a pattern for.  I waited too long to make it, though, and I want to be accurate, so I plan to make another some day and record my process in a more timely manner.  That would be my mom's snowman, which I will also someday post pics of.  Some day. 

Ok, well, last but not least, I am starting to come up with some real ideas and materials for my sachets.  So those will soon begin coming together.  And, if I can ever focus on some super easy stuff... I will have a plethora of pony tail flowers to take pictures of, with which to bombard my various media outlets and suggestively persist that people purchase them.  BYE NOW!

Saturday, March 14, 2015


I had to laugh after I typed the name to this post... it wasn't until then that the word boogie reminded me of the word booger... So funny how some words have two very different meanings... and yes, my finding that title funny is a bit gross...

Anyway, I am feeling like I owe some credit to all the other websites I have been posting about here recently... I should plug people more often, cause I am getting soooo many views this month!  And I doubt it is just because it is craft month... lol.  Still lovin' the Mystery Afghan 2015 by Yarnspirations and Crochet Crowd.  AND, you'll never believe it, I actually have some photos of my progress.  Sorry, that is all I have right now.  Camera is still down, but I just had to get some pics of my afghan to share with all the wonderful people on the facebook page. So I got help from my mom and her camera.  Besides, I am not getting very far on this project, or others for that matter, so you aren't missing too much right now.  These granny squares are kickin' my butt a little, but it is a great challenge and learning experience.  Anyone who's interested is still more than welcome to start one, and you can even still sign up with them in order to be concidered for the yarn prize.  Just follow the link that Brittany pinned to the top of the facebook page (the Mystery Afghan link) I linked to above, and you can read all about the rules and get the clues as well there! And don't forget there is a KAL as well, if that is your thing, or you can do both!

Yes, that was a lot more shameless plugging....  I wish I had more to share, but I am happy to be able to give something, and not too long since my last post, either!  So, I know I don't have too many items on my Etsy page, and I don't have the money to really advertise.... that is why I am going to try and get a lot of projects made before I go in there again to get all updated.  A lot of my listings drop off soon, so it will look a bit empty for a while.  If you are actually looking to purchase something, send me a message there and I will get back with you.  Once I have my camera sitch figured out, and I get at least another 10 or so items completed I am going to put up lots of listings and maybe I will advertise for a bit.  You can even let me know here, if you have any ideas or are intersted in a piece.  I can do pretty much anything now, I think.  Well, as long as it's crochet....  OK, well here are my wip pics of the afghan, enjoy!!

The progression over the weeks.. clue 1 is bottom left, next to that is clue 2, top left is 3, then 4, and finally 5 on the top right... it is the orange blob in the middle, hehe.

This is row 6 of clue 3.  I like the way it looks before you add row 7, so I took a pic.

These are the 5 squares I have that are up to the current clue, #5.  In the center is a blue one, and I am thinking of doing more with that color, but I am waiting to see the next clues.  We get 2 this next week and get 2 weeks to complete them.

Alright, everyone, have a great week, and keep on keepin' on!  Much love!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Did You Know It's National Craft Month?

I just learned that March is considered National Craft Month.  I finally joined enough sites that I feel like I am really "in-the-know" when it comes to crochet and other crafts.  I just entered a contest for is and you should, too!! It is a giant Red Heart Yarn gift bag full of awesome stuff!  I am excited for whoever wins.  I usually don't win raffles or contests, so I would fall out of my chair if I get this!

I am sad to say I still don't have any pics, my camera is still down. =(  Very sad!!  The update for the week, though, is that I put that purse on hold to start The Crochet Crowd and's 2015 Mystery Afgan CAL.  I think I talked a little about it in my last post.  They also have a KAL going for it, too, in case I didn't mention that.

Gotta run for now, good luck to anyone who enters, and keep up the crafting boogie!