Monday, November 12, 2012

OMG! Some photos! Thank you, Ravelry!

Well, last night I joined Ravelry.  I am hoping I can keep up with this blog, and my Ravelry page and still get projects done.  Projects being stuff around the house and my crafting items.  We shall see.  Since I hopped on Ravelry and added some of the projects I am working on there, I got motivated enough to take a couple of photos of some projects I have been talking about here.  Here are the few that I took so that everyone who stops by can get a look see at what is going on instead of just reading about it:

Matt's Marvin the Martian Hat - WIP

Geometric Tunic - WIP

A pair of socks for ME! - WIP

All still Works in Progress because I am spending too much time on the internet!!!  Well, and I have way too many projects going on.  LOL.  I just made up a drink cozy from a pattern a wonderful blogger shared for free.  I love it!  Sooooo easy!  Here is the link to her blog: CrazySocks Crochet, go check it out!!!  I linked directly to the coffee cozy pattern since she hasn't posted anything new since October.  If you look on the right side of her blog you can find a list of other patterns she has posted. Awesome!  I want to make the leg warmers, too!  I also just finished a quick little scarf and I am making a matching hat from a pattern out of 24-hour Crochet by Rita Weiss.  I am going to see if anyone will bite on purchasing it.  It will be sized for a young girl, around 7-10 years old.  So cute!  I am having trouble focusing on these projects I just posted pics of... it gets that way sometimes, and you crafters all know what I mean!  I also have a blanket in the works! LOL. If it wasn't bad enough already... I am going to run out of yarn for the size I want, though, and that is sad because I am broke and my car won't even make it to Jo-Anns anyway.  Besides two of the colors have dye lots. =(  However, I count that as my smallest obstacle because The blanket (my own creation! YAY!)  is worked with two yarns at a time of different colors and there are several color changes.  I WILL get photos up on that soon... and maybe even Matt's finished socks...

I am learning more about blocking and I know it isn't as crucial in crochet, but some projects do fair better with it, it seems.  The Geometric Tunic will be one of those...

Ok!  I am off for now. Gotta get up early and I still want to try and talk myself into working on ONE of these ABS (already been started) projects!  Crack the whip!!

Technical Difficulties...

I am not sure which of my recent projects will have photos for me to share...  I will definitely have the boyfriend's socks and hat soon, and probably my socks soon... as for the monkey, I guess I only took a pic on my phone so I don't know if that one will happen. =(  Luckily the guy who ordered that one might order one for himself soon. *fingers crossed*  If not I will just have to make one to put on etsy and to get a photo on here of my cool "sock" monkeys!! =D  I PROMISE, at least some pics will be up by Wednesday!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's late, so just a little update

Ok, well, Halloween has come and gone.  I did make some projects and they turned out great, I got compliments and everything.  Just gotta find some time to post them pics!  I got all three scarves done in less than a week.  The monkey got completed before I even started the scarves.  So, don't ask me where I have been, I have obviously been crafting!!!  And going through newspapers.... I really gotta lessen my subscription!!  ANYWAY!  I am finding some cool ideas and I am ready for some new projects.  I need to get a lot more going for my etsy shop...

ATM I am working on my boyfriends new hat.  It is a Marvin the Martian helmet!! =D  This one I may post as a pattern, someday.  It's gonna be pretty straightforward.  An ear flap hat with a fold down face warmer and a yellow Mohawk on the top to represent the thing I can't remember the name of that sits on the top of the helmet that Marvin wears.

I am still working on my socks.  My boyfriend's are done, and I just realized I don't even have pics of them up.... here we go, getting behind again!!! =P   Well, I promise I'll post some eye candy up soon... till then... much love!! =D


Here is a pic of my little Halloween Stoop!!!