Thursday, July 23, 2015

Break-on-Thru Boogie

So, another long hiatus, what's new.... not as long as some, though! Wait, what's new? Well, for starters, this was a PRODUCTIVE hiatus!  I started a Facebook page to try and promote my Etsy shop.  Still no funding for this promotion, but it's a start.  I have 18 items up in the shop right now, and that is an extreme achievement.  The pictures still leave something to be desired, but it's an accomplishment.  ALSO, I have a HOTH child sweater that isn't up for sale yet.  I believe I had posted some photos of it as a WIP...

Wait, there's more!  I have more WIPS than appendages!  I am working on a Mystery Halloween Project that I will post pics of RIGHT NOW! in progress, but I'm not tellin' what it is.  No spoilers from those of you who may know!  Although some guesses would amuse me....

I hope the camera works...ok.  BTW this is inspired in part by an old Lion Brand pattern (LB#40283).  No author is noted on my copy.  However, I believe it will be completely unrecognizable to that project in the end, and definitely will come with more bells and whistles! So, for the most part this is an original work.  

Hot damn, I'm on FIRE!  And yes, the date stamp on the camera is not right and extremely annoying, but who's got time for that?  

Okay, other WIPS.... no pics, but I'll give you some tidbits.  There are two lovey blankets in progress, one is slated to be a pink bunny with an octagon-like shape and 3dc puffs that are in a white, pink, and purple variegated yarn.  I got the inspiration from someones site, but I failed to keep the information and I am coming up empty searching for it again.  I will look more and hopefully I can find it before I post pics or put it up for sale. Anyway, it was the octagon shaped blanket part that I got from their pattern.  Today I started the second lovey that is in a white, blue, and green variegated.  I am using the same puff stitch because I love the way it looks with the variegated yarns. 

However, I wanted it to be different and I wanted to create something fresh so that I can feel like an artist and not a copier machine.  I started with a not so original concept of using the puff stitch and just going back and forth.  Then I decided I wanted to still start in the middle, so I thought I could use the puff stitch in a granny square pattern.  Now, I have a happy accident and faith and confidence in my ability to stumble into a great final product. (Lots of my original ideas are now unfinished scraps...)  So when I went to start the granny square I found that doing 4 3dc puffs and 4 ch-3s was making more of a circle than a square.  I took a gamble and went forward, and even if a million other someone else's has done exactly what I have done, for myself, for a moment, I have created something new.  A circular 3dc puff blanket that will most likely be a lovey if I can come up with something as awesome as my "round-a-bout" discovery! =D  

AND SO IT IS BORN! I will be recording this project as my first original pattern when I am done.  This has been, in past blogs, what I have noted that will truly define me as a crochet artist.  I do have another completely original work that I would like to create a pattern for.  I waited too long to make it, though, and I want to be accurate, so I plan to make another some day and record my process in a more timely manner.  That would be my mom's snowman, which I will also someday post pics of.  Some day. 

Ok, well, last but not least, I am starting to come up with some real ideas and materials for my sachets.  So those will soon begin coming together.  And, if I can ever focus on some super easy stuff... I will have a plethora of pony tail flowers to take pictures of, with which to bombard my various media outlets and suggestively persist that people purchase them.  BYE NOW!

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