Friday, December 19, 2014

Boogie Like No One's Watching!

I hope you are all as happy to know as I am that my positivety (<---- apparently I made up this word as spell checker has not a clue what I am trying to say....) HAS RETURNED!!!!!  Right now Pandora is playing a song with the words "My dream is to fly over the rainbow" HA!  How appropriate. I know that is what most of us want, I also know that the drive required is difficult for some to grasp. (ME) =)

Although I don't have a plethora of things to share with you this week, I do have the finished red bag (which is on etsy now and already got a favorite this week!), I also have pics of another project I started for a shawl, AND I found the little hat I was talking about a few weeks ago.  The hat is an original creation, no pattern, just an idea turned real.  I still wonder if I should add a headband or just have bobby pins with it.  I also wonder if I could make another.  I wish I had made several when I made this one...  It is funny, at the time I made that and the snowman for mom I was crocheting a lot and I had a friend that would sit and crochet, too.  I don't know if having the friend helped me be more creative or just crocheting a lot.  It was probably a combo.  Lately most of my attempts at originality have not come to fruition as I have been unhappy with all of them.

  I still hope I can show you all the little snowman I made here soon.  Going to mom's for my b-day tomorrow, so I will bug her to try and find it, but she just moved a month or so ago, so I can't promise anything.  Hopefully I can give you photos of it for x-mas this next Friday!   I have decided, for the foreseeable future, Friday will be my posting day. That way I will put out a minimum of 4 posts a month.  I think that is enough to keep myself and others interested.  I just have to come up with something interesting to post every week.... I think it is a good goal, though. It Will hopefully help keep my creativity and motivation up.

I just discovered arm knitting, and it looks like it might be right up my alley, cause it is quick!  I have been wanting to make some cowls and I saw a tutorial on just that.  I just gotta brush up on those knitting skills, which is what I want to do, anyway.  I really want to get good at knitting, I just keep on putting it off.  Okay, one more thing before I go, as this is getting really LONG!  I am going to start a pair of Mrs. Mcawber's Limpet Mitts this week as well.  I love her blog and her work and I am late in starting, but better late than never!  Anyone and everyone should check out her awesome blog, it puts mine to shame!  I also absolutely love Snowcathcer because her writing and photographs are moving and inspirational! I may have plugged them before, and I probably will again, but these ladies deserve it! Shout out, ladies!! ~MUCH LOVE~

Here are this weeks photos:

Monday, December 1, 2014

Dancing with the Winter Blues

Wow.  I have been on such a roller coaster of emotions lately.  I know winter can sap your energy and some of your happiness, unless of course you love the cold! (I have a few crazy friends like that)  The thing is, I am usually not one who can stay unhappy for long, even if things are not on the up side.  But I feel myself staying in this state more often and I don't like it.  I hope I can pull out of it soon, and I would be grateful for any positive energy or prayers you have to spare.

I won't be posting any pics today, but I have been working a little on my projects, and I am happy to report that the red bag with the white stripes is nearly finished!  And I think the liner is going to turn out okay.  At least, not horrible for one of my few attempts.  I just don't know how visible the thread is going to be from the outside.  The thread is a reddish orange, which matches the liner almost perfectly.  But, the yarn I used is definitely a full on RED! I may have had a red hiding around here, somewhere, but I failed to think about going to look for it before I started this portion of the sewing... sigh.  I know it is there and different, so I see it perfectly.  I just hope it isn't very noticeable, or that it is not an issue when I sell it.  OOOH! I did positive!  I said "when" not "if"! That is surprising considering that is one of the things that is bringing me down.  I don't have a lot of items in my etsy shop, nor do I have the money to really advertise it, so I hardly ever get any sales.  Sometimes it makes me feel like I am not good at making things that people would be interested in buying...

Okay, this has been a bit therapeutic, so that's good.  I gotta get to work now... I am super late for the second day in a row. Sigh.  I will definitely have some photos for you next time.  And it will be of finished products as well as some other items I am working on.  Have a great day, everyone, and don't let the winter get you down, if you can! =)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Boogie on, Garth

Hello, hello!  Back for another early morning installment!  So I was talking in my last post about all of the holiday themed items I am working on, but I had a small life mishap the other day that caused me to start  going through some of my stuff. I found a project that I had nearly finished, but had lost the creative drive to do so. I decided that was as good a time as any to get-r-done, AND I got pictures.  I should be posting it on my etsy page to sell... but it seems ya'll are getting the first look.  It is a very interesting item, to say the least.  Another scarf, but with some very interesting colors... I don't know how it will look on here because it seems to look different under different lights to me.  Anyway, here it is, and I promise I will have some more photos of the other stuff I promised, soon!

Haha, fancy that!  The "pink" looks SUPER pink on here, lol.  It is actually kind of pinkish-orange, like a salmon color, I think.  The darker color is a navy blue with little red fibers woven through it.  Wow, I don't even know if I can sell it confidently.  I can put all this info in the description, but it just looks so different in an online environment... It looks so awesome on here, that is just CRAY. lol. Alright, all, I hope you enjoy it, and I will blog at ya soon!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Winter Boogie Fever!

Hey, it's been a bit, but I AM READY!  And I am not going to give it all up at once, this time.. I have a few projects in the works that have a holiday feel. But I am thinking I may have started them too late to be ready for this season.  I guess it all depends on how much work I put in!  Well, first off, here is the next version of the last purse I posted, and this one I intend to sell!  I am thinking about lining it, which is why I am worried if this one will be finished in time to get it sold this year. I suppose if I leave it a bit plain and try not to over-do the Holiday theme I could sell it at any time of year...

What do you think?  I haven't fully planned how it is turning out, heck, the pattern was just how it "ended up".  I also have a green and white sweater in the works, size small, or kids.  I am making a head band or two, and I am making some more of the granny square slippers.  I am thinking I might start a sports team or other themed onesie for a baby, but I want to start getting a little more original, so we'll see.  I will post for ya'll here soon a picture of my most original work EVER!  It is a snowman that I made for my mom for xmas a year or so ago.  I am so proud of it, but I didn't write out a pattern and I haven't attempted to make it again.  I think the small brimmed hat I made may be original as well.  I will see if I can get a pic of that, too.  It was around the same time.  Hopefully that wasn't my only Renaissance period... I need to get back to that place!  By the way, if anyone has a line on how to make a little extra money through crafting or helping with an event, or anything, let me know.  Hurting a bit right now and just need a line on some odd jobs, if anyone has any leads!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!  Boogie with you soon! =)

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Art of Survival

     Oh how I wish I could capture that need, that endless motivation to move forward, by the reigns and run with it.  I have a desire to cook, clean, travel, make sound investments, and save towards a brighter future.  My drive, however, needs a tune up, a make-over, or complete overhaul.  My current crochet project is a perfect example, as well as my lack of finding a simple envelope, to put a letter to a friend in, so it can be mailed.

This purse should only take me 3-4 working days, tops.  I think it's been about 3 weeks now.  But, it is close to being done, which is exciting, and I plan on getting it finished over the weekend. We'll see how it goes...  Either way, here is two pics of the purse I think I am in love with, but feel I should try to sell to make up for the lack of currency in the household these days....

When it is finished, it will have a really big button to attach the strap on the back side.  This is a variation on a pattern from Lion Brand Yarns, and I used some scrap yarn that I have had lying around and some other scrap yarn from a friend who unloaded a bunch on me last year.  Speaking of my stash... WOW.  I am sure a few of you have way more yarn and fabric than I can even comprehend, but I am laughing maniacally each time I see the amount of crafting material I have attained in the last 10 years.  Ok, I think I better get to some of those important things I was speaking on earlier!  I hope you liked my purse as much as I do! =)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Good Morning Interweb!

Hey there! Just sneaking on really quick before work.  I have a couple of projects going, but I haven't gotten any pics taken yet.  My favorite one right now is a bag with gold, burgundy, and blue and I am still trying to finish this blanket I have been working on for a year or so now and it keeps transforming on me.  Plus I kinda messed up by adding some stitches, but it is for home use, so I am not looking back!  I will do my best to get some batteries for my silly, cheap camera. (it does work, though, so I am greatful!)  Hope ya'll are having a fabulous day!  =D

Friday, October 17, 2014

No Good Excuse!

Well, now I really shot myself in the foot.  A whole year!  Almost my favorite time of year again, though!  (Halloween)  Anyway, I did get a camera last year for xmas, I am just a lazy, forgetful, unmotivated person, except for in small spurts.  Well, now my man and I have our own place, our own computer, and I have a camera.... so we are going to try this again. (By we I mean me and my crazy self)  And just to prove I mean business I am actually going to post some pictures!!! Because we all know we don't come to this blog for the writing! =D

These items are all for kids, because kid's stuff is adorable!  This first photo is of a toy I made from an idea at Dedri is so awesome for posting her stuff and letting others make and sell her ideas in small batches; I just had to put a little of my own spin on it to spread the creativity even further!

These next two pairs of slippers just make me smile from ear to ear.  Their colors are just fabulous for little kids to enjoy and they are so funky and different you have to love them!  I figured out how to make these from looking at a pair of them one time that a friend showed me.  I don't know who to credit for this pattern, someone in her family made hers and I just got lucky to figure it out.  I am not even sure I made them the exact way that anyone else has?  No matter what, these are sweet and comfy, although super slippery on the right kind of smooth surface... which is still awesome when you want to slide across the kitchen floor to toss your trash! =)  Yes, I have my own pair!! B)

Next I have some great scarves that can be worn by children, or if you are feeling really young at heart, by any age!  I feel all but the thinner one in the middle are a bit short for adults, but some of use aren't really that tall anyway!  The colors are also really playful and found in lots of children's clothes.  The mint and white one was made using two strands of yarn held together and is soft and sweet.  The second one, which has purple, blue, and green colors throughout is made from cotton and is great as an accent piece on a cool spring or fall day.  The last one is just crazy!  It is also soft and has a good warm weight to it, because I used Caron yarn. <3 It is very deceptive in how warm it can be from the look, but if you have ever had a granny square blanket you know those holes are needed so you don't over heat!  And I just have to toot my own horn here.... ALL of these scarves are my own creations using various stitch patterns!  I know, it's "knot" that rare of an achievement, but it makes me feel like I am getting into the upper crust of crochet artistry!

Last, but not least, a cute pair of crochet booties I made a while back.  I did use a pattern I probably found online, so I won't mass produce them for sale or anything.  I hope to come up with something by myself that is at least marginally unique in its design here soon, I just haven't quite figured it out yet...

OK! That is all you get today!  I am so happy I got to share with you once again!  I will persist in this communication, and hopefully it will get less sporadic and help get me and my work noticed.  Wish me luck, and I will see ya'll again soon!