Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Update Shmupdate...

I have made about 2 more snowflakes since my last post.  I started on the third Cthulhu and then somehow I have managed to loose the eyes and the wings... grrr.  I cannot progress until I find the eyes, so I will definitely be on the lookout for my items over MY weekend.  Which started a few hours ago!  No, I haven't looked yet this evening/morning.  Here, have some more photos and feel free to comment if you like what you see.  Maybe my creative interests can involve more picture taking instead of crochet... especially if I can't find those *&@#$ EYES!!! Some of the following photos were most likely taken by my ex.  I must say I always appreciated his photographic eye as well. Kudos to Nick! <3

Friday, July 13, 2012

Nature Photo Montage

Ninja! (scenic views)

Not to toot my own horn or anything - I feel like all of these, save maybe the last - are pictures of great quality and would make excellent puzzles.  I really should look up someone who could make such a dream possible; see if anyone else thinks enough of them to pay money to own the puzzles and put them together. =D

Progressive Procrastination

Woo.  I have 2 out of 3 Cthulhus done!  However, I have not been able to get pictures to transfer onto my computer.  I think I finished the second one days ago, and I have been doing anything but crochet since then.  I am also supposed to be working on some crochet snowflakes for a customer... I have half of them (15) done and must finish by next month or I will feel like a sloth and a turtle combined!  Wish me luck!

I can only hope that my method for photo transfer... (BLUETOOTH) ... from phone to computer works the next time I attempt to put the photos up.. because otherwise I won't be getting any photos to share unless I can get a camera somehow.  *crosses fingers* Still, I have photos to share...

Hanging Lake -  Glenwood Springs, CO

Monday, July 2, 2012

As If I Have Always Known You

Well, I can't dance, and I haven't had much luck keeping up with blogs... so I guess this accidental name for my new blog is somewhat of a happy conundrum. Maybe it will bring me some luck! *crosses fingers*

Mainly, I will be posting about my crochet projects.  Maybe some life lessons, or thoughts.  Definitely will post some awesome pictures, if I ever get a descent camera, that is.

Should be some exciting stuff if I can make time for it.  =)

However, atm I am more excited to play around with the look of the bog and work on the Cthulhu Cousin I am making for a good friend of mine.  Little bit of info on the project would be nice, I suppose. =P

One of my friends posted to me on Facebook that she wants me to make her a crochet E.T. doll which then led to another friend who wanted a Cthulhu doll and provided me a link. Well, since I didn't have a bunch of footwork to do for the Cthulhu I started on that project first! Just like me to be all super lazy when I could be doing something uber creative instead....

Amber has a blog here on Blogger called Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins. This is the link I received from my guy friend.  SOOOO freakin' awesome!  She has a bunch of her own free patterns, as well as links to other people's free patterns, not to mention some craft book reviews.  KUDOS!  She also welcomes people to share their finished products after following some of her patterns. I can't wait to share my Cthulhu Trio with her when I am done!  *super excited*

Here's a pic I took, just for fun.  Look! There is gold at the end of the rainbow... but who would have guessed it would be the "Golden Arches" of a McDonald's sign. HAHA.