Saturday, March 14, 2015


I had to laugh after I typed the name to this post... it wasn't until then that the word boogie reminded me of the word booger... So funny how some words have two very different meanings... and yes, my finding that title funny is a bit gross...

Anyway, I am feeling like I owe some credit to all the other websites I have been posting about here recently... I should plug people more often, cause I am getting soooo many views this month!  And I doubt it is just because it is craft month... lol.  Still lovin' the Mystery Afghan 2015 by Yarnspirations and Crochet Crowd.  AND, you'll never believe it, I actually have some photos of my progress.  Sorry, that is all I have right now.  Camera is still down, but I just had to get some pics of my afghan to share with all the wonderful people on the facebook page. So I got help from my mom and her camera.  Besides, I am not getting very far on this project, or others for that matter, so you aren't missing too much right now.  These granny squares are kickin' my butt a little, but it is a great challenge and learning experience.  Anyone who's interested is still more than welcome to start one, and you can even still sign up with them in order to be concidered for the yarn prize.  Just follow the link that Brittany pinned to the top of the facebook page (the Mystery Afghan link) I linked to above, and you can read all about the rules and get the clues as well there! And don't forget there is a KAL as well, if that is your thing, or you can do both!

Yes, that was a lot more shameless plugging....  I wish I had more to share, but I am happy to be able to give something, and not too long since my last post, either!  So, I know I don't have too many items on my Etsy page, and I don't have the money to really advertise.... that is why I am going to try and get a lot of projects made before I go in there again to get all updated.  A lot of my listings drop off soon, so it will look a bit empty for a while.  If you are actually looking to purchase something, send me a message there and I will get back with you.  Once I have my camera sitch figured out, and I get at least another 10 or so items completed I am going to put up lots of listings and maybe I will advertise for a bit.  You can even let me know here, if you have any ideas or are intersted in a piece.  I can do pretty much anything now, I think.  Well, as long as it's crochet....  OK, well here are my wip pics of the afghan, enjoy!!

The progression over the weeks.. clue 1 is bottom left, next to that is clue 2, top left is 3, then 4, and finally 5 on the top right... it is the orange blob in the middle, hehe.

This is row 6 of clue 3.  I like the way it looks before you add row 7, so I took a pic.

These are the 5 squares I have that are up to the current clue, #5.  In the center is a blue one, and I am thinking of doing more with that color, but I am waiting to see the next clues.  We get 2 this next week and get 2 weeks to complete them.

Alright, everyone, have a great week, and keep on keepin' on!  Much love!

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