Monday, March 14, 2016

Um, am I on the other side, yet?


I can tell you, but I am sure you already know, it's a long hard road outta hell. And me, I'm lazy and more of an introvert than I would like to admit.  Life keeps prodding, and I stand there like a hungry cow chewing their cud.  Maybe I 'shoulda' been a writter. Maybe on a shopping binge I shoulda went looking for a different craft that is faster and more manly, like jewelry making. =D What? you use pliers and possibly a soldering iron!

I must say, I looked at my stats, and for my lack of having any consistency, I am proud to say I have had over 700 views.  I think that is what it said...

Okay, well, here is a finished product that I have done nothing with even though I now have a smart phone.  I'll tell you, though, the Etsy Seller App could be a little better. I guess it is more for on the spot selling, which is pretty cool to be able to digitally and personally sell the item at the same time.  Oh, I'm rambling.... here's the pic and a promise to be back soon.

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