Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanks Be to the Boogie Gods

I was sure that I was gone for a year or more, and look... it's only been 3/4 of a year! Gold star for me! Yea, okay, well I have some finished projects, with pictures no less, so this is me making up for the hiatus. I am certain that if I don't find some buyers soon, my entire house will be nothing but totes of FPs (finished projects) and WIPs... I  won't be able to make it to either the kitchen or the bathroom! I just figured out that my blog name is horrendous for what I am trying to accomplish. Google doesn't even register it as a valid result when  I  search the name of it, and its a freaking blog on a google site! Sigh. Okay, rant is done, but someone please get interested  in my life ffs. Here are those pics, anyway.... damn, wth happened to the pic i did of my friends hat. :/ Sigh.

First pic is a gold, sleeveless short tunic with small black band. Just something I put together, I think it looks good and will look great on the right person.

This second one is some more hats. Have I hit anyone's interests yet?

And last, is a halter from the book I  own, "24 hour crochet", that I use  and reference often. 

I will try  and be back soon! Happy holidays!

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